Chocolate passion

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It started with a colleague offering cakes around the office. When my teeth sunk into the chilled chocolate banana cake, I was dead impressed and savoured every bit of the remaining slice.

I didn't have enough of it and I bet there wasn't enough to go around the office anyway. After finding out from my colleague where she got the cake, I bugged Ray on Saturday night at about 2a.m. to take me for cake the next day!

He had to agree, otherwise he won't get any sleep with my bugging. So on Sunday we set out early to have my car serviced and immediately headed into the Golden Triangle. It was jammed but he patiently drove me there.

The cafe is called West 57th St. Cafe, by Zang Toi. It's on the 1st Floor of Sungai Wang, opposite Padini store. It was previously in Lot 10 but they no longer serve food in that fashion boutique.

Anyway, here's what I've been craving for:

Chocolate cake with chunky bananas

Ray had it topped with ice cream

Plate is cleaned till the last drop

It was a little different from the one I had earlier - it was served warm when we ate in. I preferred the chilled one without ice cream. Nevertheless, it was still satisfying. The cake texture is soft and the chocolate is rich. So rich that we couldn't have dinner till it was supper time.

For now, my chocolate cake craving has been well satisfied and I promised Ray I won't be bugging him at wee hours of the morning for it again. After all, it did set us back RM30 for our slices of cakes and drinks, so it won't be a frequent visit.


fooDcrazEE said...

thank god u guys did not lick the plate clean - chuckle!

MisSmall said...

I'm normally not a big fan of cakes with banana in them, but the chocolate looks too yummy to pass. I can just imagine the texture and how rich it is from the picture. Will definitely have to pay the cafe a visit when I get back to Malaysia. :)

Eternity said...

mike, if nobody's around, it's possible! hahaha.

princess poo poo, when you come back and ready to battle the jams and crowds, go for it! no regrets for me. :)