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Monday, February 27, 2006

I've been tagged on my other blog, so I'm doing a "human" version here while my cats do theirs on the other blog.

5 Things You Can’t Do
Eat by myself in public
Say the F*** word outloud
Ride a bicycle (sad huh?)
Style my own hair

5 Things You Can Do
Watch repeats of Friends and Desperate Housewives
Eat French fries on a daily basis
Type without staring at the keyboard
Stay awake through the night to finish a book
Laugh non-stop for something not so funny (I've laughed for an entire school period until the teacher got fed up with me and complained to my Mom)

5 Things That Scare You
Death (my own, my loved ones, my princesses….)
Public speaking

5 Things You Love
Books & magazines
Chocolates (not white ones though)
Gadgets (but can’t afford much of them)
Taking a nap when it rains
Cooking (I hardly do it now because I’m also lazy)

5 Things You Hate
Waking up early
Going clubbing
Ironing cotton shirts
Shopping in a crowded place
Checking my car tyre’s pressure (that’s why someone has to take care of my car condition all the time)

5 Random Facts About You

Anything pink tends to catch my eye
I love watching Chow Sing Chee’s movies
I’m pretty anti-social
I like the smell of new books
5 happens to be my favourite number

5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
Tell those who matter to me that I love them
Visit Egypt to see the Pyramid
Pay off all my debts
Leave my room clean (it’s hard for those left behind to clear my mess!)
Create happy & meaningful memories with family and friends

And now, 5 others to tag:
Daddy Nick
De Bookworm
Midnite Lily
Teh Tarik Satu


Daddy Nick said...

not another meme? hopefully we don't ever end up with a meme 999 ...

Bkworm said...

Oh no! Escaped Jomel's tag the last time but the 5's are still stalking me! Give me time, eh?

fooDcrazEE said...

now I can know more of you...when u coming up to meet ?

Eternity said...

nick, i hope there isn't any 999 too...

bkworm, take your time. hope it's not too much of a burden :P

foocdrazee, haven't been up there for years. any more exciting stuff to do other than giving uncle lim money?

benauhc said...

hmmm...somehow memes always ask the questions I rarely ask myself.
ok, will to get to it soon (cross-fingers).

Stargazer said...

This is a hard one *scratches head* Get back to it when I've thought it through!

Eternity said...

ben, it's a good soul searching exercise then? :)

stargazer, i had to think quite a while too...take your time.